How long before they SLAM SHUT this current 911 Awakening?

in informationwar •  4 months ago 

We should set odds.

JK...but it can't be long. Letting the truth about 911 come to the vast majority of the American people is FAR, FAR too dangerous for the swamp to permit, and I am watching Bebe and Donnie make out on my T.V. screen as I type, so you KNOW the full truth will never come out under this administration.

Check this video out and read the amazing supportive comments...1000+ and counting...

God bless these guys for coming forward and risking so much. May HE guard and protect you!

(AGAIN, for the record, I am a Zionist, if you define it correctly, but Israel's current leaders view America and the American youth as their cash cow, and canon fodder, and that HAS GOT TO STOP. The CIA and the Mossad were definitely both involved...FACT...)

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SGT Report is one of my most important sources for truth. I have never had an opportunity to actually conversation with a Zionist. The Zionist reputation is not good from my perspective. However, Albert Pike's plan was to pit the Zionist against the Moslem leaders after WWII.

So I , as a Muslim, and Ye, as a Zionist are supposed to be at war according to his plan. What I would like to know is how to define a Zionist correctly from your perspective? Also, how would you advise the Israeli people on how to hold their so-called leaders accountable for all of their criminal endeavors

A Zionist, properly defined, is simply a person who believes that Israel has a right to exist and defined herself the way any nation does.

The problem is that the modern nation-state of Israel has been dominated, almost from the beginning (1948,) by extreme Zionists who believe in a Greater Israel. They are expansionist and racist, and NOT representative of the Jewish people as a whole...but sadly, they are the ones with the most power and money.

It is the Jewish people's problem to figure out how to redress their leaders' crimes, just as it is ours, to/against ours.

I am no fan of so-called "international courts."