FACEBOOK: Removing the Alternative

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You could felt it already — Facebook is just another agency of the US government. The agency responsible for massive data collection and discourse control. As a centralized “service”, it couldn’t exist in any other way…

When Facebook openly announce Jennifer Newstead, a top State Department lawyer and co-author of the infamous “Patriot Act”, as its general counsel and vice president of communications, that can only be read as a preparation for another level of censorship.

Newstead brings some controversy with her. As part of the George W. Bush administration in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Newstead helped draft the Patriot Act, which granted law enforcement agencies greater surveillance power over ordinary Americans.

It becomes obvious that neocon-neoliberal elite is not satisfied with “the spread of misinformation and fake news” all over Facebook, and they want more control over the narrative. Since Mark Zuckerberg is not capable to do it himself, he will have to accept “helping hand” of… you know who:

Duration: 5:11

The aim is to remove any rational political alternative using centralized platforms organized around Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon… To remove any humane idea from the discourse using “fact-checkers” delegated by the plutocracy. Any voice of opposition to the monstrous globalist idea — that’s why they have arrested Julian Assange.

Every time you hear Zuckerberg pledges to the vision for a ‘privacy-focused’ Internet, you should be worried. Very worried.

And then you can watch again what “the Prism” is, and listen to the advices of Edward Snowden how to take the Internet back:

Duration: 35:17

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