BREXIT: What’s the Big No-Deal?

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In the UK great scam is in progress. It is generally called: “Delivering Brexit”…

As it was already explained, British people didn’t vote for a deal with EU, they voted to leave EU! Let’s remember once again how the referendum question was formulated:

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

Do you see the word “deal” in it? No? Whenever you hear a politician speaking of a “necessity of a deal with EU, or there will be a catastrophe”, you are looking at a real agent of a foreign interests whose intention are to make UK a colony of EU for the sake of his/hers ass in a comfy chair and a hefty euro salary for doing nothing. Those kind of agents were doing their job reversing the will of the people at the referenda all over other EU colonies. Calling for a new referendum or a “people’s vote” (like the first one was not a people’s vote) is not a precedent. It has been done whenever the result was not in accordance to the EU bureaucracy interests…

Duration: 4:14

But will “no-deal Brexit” really be a catastrophe? Of course, not. It will be a catastrophe only for those EU tied ‘elite’ bureaucracy who would, in the case of Brexit, have to search for an honest job.

So, what would really happen in case of No-Deal Brexit? A part of an answer you can find in video at the previous sequel of the story, and if you wish more details, then watch this illustrated explanation by TLDR News…

Duration: 13:13

There can be only one

Another important question: Will Brexit bring a better life for the majority of people? I’m sorry to say, but it won’t. Exiting EU will mean exchanging one centralized monstrous bureaucracy with another. Why would then bother at all? Well, this is starting to be a matter of national pride. You can view the whole situation as a clash between the crumbling Empire (UK) and aspiring Empire (EU). They are both seriously ill, and this clash only one can survive. Either UK government will manage to reverse Brexit decision and formally make UK a colony of EU, or the Brexit will happen, and then the EU dissolution process will be initiated.

And if you ask me what will happen on March 29th, I would suggest there will be an extension of the article 50 deadline, with a continued aggressive “catastrophe” propaganda aimed at the new referendum with the “correct” outcome. And only a massive people’s revolt can change that.

What do you think?


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Probably new referendum with different voting ;)