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Photo credit: Renegade Tribune - The Deliberate Destruction of Exceptional Children Through Vaccination and Drugging

PHASE 1: Deep State MO (Modus Operandi): Suppress the truth...

In the past few weeks there has been a thorough, in-your-face, ASSAULT and concerted effort by the Deep State and their soulless tentacles (listed below) to completely eliminate and suppress any information or debate related to those opposed to vaccination - sometimes labeled as "anti-vaxxers".

They seemingly want to scrub all such important information of the internet and memory-hole it into a black hole forever.

The culprits/enablers who are participating in this crime against humanity included the usual spineless and morally defunct suspects (just one or a couple of links for each):



The results appear to show sites that will debunk anti-vaccine information while promoting pro-vaccination sites. This search is without a doubt rigged by the powers-that-be. No doubt.





Firstly, I think I've previously established that pretty much anything coming out of Wikipedia is pretty much non-credible and is edited by highly unqualified individuals.


Now, while the statements underlined above do appear to be sourced by the actual WHO (World Health Organization), one has to keep in mind who exactly is behind them; moreover, it is quite evident that real healthcare professionals aren't buying this WHO nonsense and propaganda, as can be seen through their open letter from International Organisations to the WHO on the Issue of Vaccine Safety. (alternative links, here, here, and here)

Truthstream Media

For a very recent and real good look at this issue, I strongly recommend you watch the following video which examines the various facets of this very important debate and how the different parties are trying to justify their actions:

PHASE 2: Deep State Aims to make Vaccines Mandatory Worldwide


Make no mistake, just like we see relentless efforts in the US, New Zealand, and elsewhere to ultimately ban citizens from owning weapons they will also ultimately aim to coerce governments worldwide to force mandatory vaccinations upon innocent babies/children and distraught parents (as they also already do in many states such as California for instance).

Although vaccines are not mandatory in Canada at the moment, it wouldn't surprise me if this is already in the works (especially with a puppet PM like Trudeau and a Parliament replete with corrupt sellouts).

We all need to not only be reactive to this suppression of information (PHASE 1) but also be proactive in keeping a watchful eye at the local and national level wherever you may live.

Real Debate and Discussion about Vaccines

Here are but a couple of starting points for those who do want to have an honest & objective look at the pro-vaccine / anti-vaccine debate.

No one side is entirely correct. The issue is not black or white, but rather grey and complex. And it is up to all parents to do their own research and decide for themselves whether they want to vaccinate their children or not.

One thing is clear though, by removing all information from one side does a tremendous disservice to the search for truth and to get more complete and objective information.

  1. Vaccine Choice Canada (site map here): Although this site if for Canada, the information found therein is very well organized, professionally compiled and presented, and accessible.

  2. The Truth About Vaccines 7-Part Video series (suprisingly, at least for now, still viewable on YouTube). Episode 1 can be viewed here.

Oh, and don't forget my post entitled RFK Wins Milestone Lawsuit against US Gov't for not requiring vaccine safety studies which shows the extent to which the US Government is also corrupt-to-the-bone and subservient to Big Pharma and their lobbyists.

God Bless.

In Peace & Liberty,


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Just buy or have a couple of good books and we can continue
to post and present the truth about "dirty" vaccines.
Yeah, i heard about what you are posting, but already too many people
are aware and against it. We shot down mandatory vaccination in Berlin once, and more people are waking up every day.
And they don't want no beef with the conscious warrior mums ;)
Their power is not all of that, you know... sometimes it's just the impression you get because "they" own most of the media,
but the truth is out there ;)
Keep on, hold strong, People Power is bigger!

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