Great to see you back your energy is definitely flowing Reagan. This is sure the time; I have been feeling the build for a while now and am ready to embrace the new beginning for sure. Recently I have had a lowing in my energy hearing you has defiantly lifted it as I say your are resonating some lovely energy. Thank you! Shame you're not on LBry; I'll have to remember to drop by and keep up to to date.

Once I am over this Covid malarki which I am nearly (I think it comes in waves though). I will be back to the Reiki would be great to arrange a Steemit group healing I sure there are a few Reiki healers on here. Once again thanks for the lift, have missed you haha 💯🐒

I have missed you too @vibeof100monkeys ! :) Thank you for sharing your kind and encouraging words. I am glad you are feeling well in the great shift of our times. <3

I have not heard of LBry until now- will look into it!

Definitely want to stay in touch! Is there any other platforms you would recommend?

Thanks for being you, btw!

Your welcome and thank you for your lifting words. Yes indeed the hundredth monkey is so close now it's exciting for sure.

LBry is the new free YouTube so much better and crypto earning are available definitely join the party -$/invite/@vibeof100monkeys:6

I'm not a missive social media person only on here and LBry much prefer being out in nature and try to limit my time on the computer (not easy though). I'm trying to do more regular posts as now is the time to wake people more than ever.

For sure would be great to arrange a Reiki group / share. Feeling much better and can breath normally so venturing out for the first time in three weeks exciting. Definitely keep in touch, it's great to hear someone talking on my level but calmly and from a open perspective :)

Keep spreading that amazing light 💯🐒

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