Leftist, Bias MSM Increases Effectiveness of Foreign Election Influence!

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The MSM and Establishment Politicians want us to believe that the Russian attempts to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election was entirely new and performed at the request of President Trump's fault. This could not be further from the truth! In fact, buried in the lead of all of these Russia Interference stories is the FACT that our intelligence agencies have fully acknowledged that they were well aware of Russia's intent years prior to Trump even announcing his candidacy.

This is only a "story" because the MSM and Establishment never expected anyone other than Hillary Clinton to win in 2016. In fact, when Candidate Trump insinuated that the election may be rigged, President Obama himself exclaimed that our elections were impenetrable and told him to stop "whining!" and accept the results whatever they may be. What he actually meant, was accept the results of the highly expected Hillary victory! It was only after she lost that the outrage began! If Hillary had won as expected, we would not be hearing anything about Russia meddling.

I contend that if indeed the Russian Meddling had any affect, it was due to the fact that the MSM in the U.S. and much of the free world, that is predominately Left Leaning and extremely biased in what they choose to report and how they report! Reasonable people see the bias and they have very little alternative sources to choose from to seek alternative views and facts. So they turn to social media sources to supplement what they are hearing from a bias MSM.

I would submit that this is not as much a story of Russian meddling as it is an indictment on the current condition of our Traditional News Sources. It will not be fixed by President Trump refusing to meet with Putin and punishing him for his actions to undermine a U.S. Election, because quite frankly, anyone with modest resources can employ the same online tactics that have been uncovered through the Russia Investigation.

We will make much more progress protecting the integrity of our elections through the repair of the current reputation of the MSM and Status Quo desire of the Establishment. We will continue to have this problem until the Mainstream Media proves themselves objective and trustworthy. Today it is Russia, but quite frankly, tomorrow it could be Google, Facebook, or even Jason "the bot builder" living in his parent's basement!

If they truly believe Russia meddling was effective, why are they not investigating WHY it was so effective? This would be the real story! If it was successful, a major portion of the explanation for the success would lie at the feet of a MSM that has lost the confidence of the American Electorate!

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Curated for #informationwar (by @commonlaw) indictment indeed.

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