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Because I have followers of the English, Spanish and German language I try to translate the articles that I write with great effort for you and although I don't publish in German because I don't know the language from time to time I like to translate the best articles to share with all my followers, in this case I want to translate a post that I had a hard time creating so that my English speaking followers can also enjoy it, I hope you like it.

Why should I prioritize platform growth over my own growth?

It is important that we understand the answer to this question because it is difficult for many people to understand and illogical not to make as much money as they can regardless of what else they do. The main reason is that you are part of the platform and are directly affected by the state of the platform, in other words if the platform improves you will too.

Suppose that all users earn 1 STEEM per month sharing very good quality content, then, as it is a fully functional platform I am sure that steem could go up to $100 (this is an example), this way we would all earn $100 per month. The other case, if all users making bad publications and spam do 100 STEEMs per month, the overall quality of the platform would fall, all investors would consider that the platform is not functional because it does not fulfill its purpose (sharing quality content), then STEEM could lose its value and cost generously up to 0.1$ x 100 STEEM 10$ per month. More STEEM but less money and in the end result we all lose, with time the platform dies and no one benefits from it anymore.

That is why we must strive for the growth of the platform and the only way we can do it is to respect the rules, putting effort into each article delivered and above all being original and creative, these are the first steps to go down the right path.

Steemit is not Facebook and is far from being Facebook, in fact it is much better from my point of view

Many present steemit as analogous to facebook, it's the best way they can describe it and I think it's the main cause of new users entering by making all kinds of mistakes that the platform charges them with interest in the long run. To clarify this point a little, we are going to establish some differences:

  • On facebook you can publish anything you want, including plagiarism. Steemit is for users who contribute original content

  • In facebook a simple meme can get thousands of likes. In steemit you must provide quality content and although there is also space for memes you must always be original and not enough with a simple image, it is good to explain in a fluid and friendly way what the image is about.

  • On facebook, up or down votes do not influence the overall reputation of the user, on steemit si.

  • In facebook the user can easily remove any content. In steemit you can edit within 7 days of posting, then store it in the blockchain forever.

If you act in steemit the same way you do in facebook you are bound to fail (there could be exceptions).

In my own definition, Steem blockchain is a social platform based on a chain of blocks created to provide users with the ability to share original content with some value to other users who can reward writers with upward votes that according to the amount of STEEM POWER who votes on it gives monetary rewards to the writer and in many cases healing rewards to those who support the content so that we all get benefits in the correct use of the platform, wonderful not?

Data you need to know to succeed and that almost nobody tells you

There are a number of ethical and moral codes that we must take into account when writing an article, many of which I learned by writing articles for the @originalworks contest, others I learned by watching some users fail to comply with them, if you put them into practice you will notice long-term changes.

Be careful what you write

One of the virtues of the platform can result in stumbling for you and is the fact that the blockchain is stored permanently leaving your content visible for life, if you do something wrong you will have to carry it around forever and it can be harmful in the future, if you once cheated hardly anyone will trust you, if you do spam or plagiarism, it is a line that you will never be able to erase, even if you have a sequel to many poor quality articles it is possible that even if you write something good you will not receive a reward because the readers will want to know who you are before they give you money and the best way to find out is to read what you have published during your stay on the platform. Ask yourself right now what will good content search engines find on your blog if they check what you've been doing on the platform? Especially if you do what I advise you to do next.

About the images

Articles that contain images are more attractive, however we must be careful with the source of the images as it is not enough to cite the source. There are cases in which the image is copyrighted, that is, you need the author of the image to give you permission to use it, many search their images by google and after they seem to have found it use it without further research on the source, others do worse because they do not even cite the source of the image, if you are not the author I recommend you use images CC0, are images of free use that you can find on sites such as and similar.

About the words

The number of words in your article is important, in fact it is recommended that your publications exceed 500 words to be considered a good article.

Structure of the article
Good use of the markdown will give a nice presentation to your articles and pleasant is synonymous with attractiveness. There are already many guides on the use of markdown.

The use of tags

One very important thing to keep in mind is that tags are not just words related to what you are typing, that is, you should not use the words that come to mind in the tags box. In the platform there are tags based on support projects, these tags defined in the explore section are the doors you place on your items so that users can get to it. I recommend that if you already have defined the topics on which you will base your blog, investigate about the existing tags related to these topics, as far as possible try to join these projects with reesteems and votes to the users who use them, this way you will get to know them and when you are part of them then you will receive support, at the end is the purpose of the tags.


There are many contests in which you can win money, particularly I recommend @originalworks but using the #contest tag you will find many others from which you can select the one that best suits you, what I guarantee is that you will not lose anything by trying.

It is better to lose by trying than by not trying

As you can see it is a wonderful platform where you have many ways to make money honestly by sharing your talents and intellect, when I discovered all that I fell in love with this platform, maybe my wife will be jealous but it was. Then I started looking to be a part of it, that's how I found a group of users who support each other, when I get home from work I spend some time with my wife and then vote, read and comment on the articles daily because it seems like quality content,

all images have been copied from pixabay

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Hi @jesusjacr

Steemit is not Facebook and is far from being Facebook, in fact it is much better from my point of view

Unfortunately there is many people on this platform who consider Steemit as a Facebook but on which they are able to earn some money. They usually publish low quality content and it leads to the losses in Steem price. As you wrote, whole community is responsible for Steemit, so let's make this platform greater and greater every day.

Thank you for such interesting and informative article :)

All the best


Excellent comment friend, I am glad to read you after so long, I hope you are succeeding in your projects. As for steemit, I'm sure we'll see the good times we're all looking forward to. Thank you for your comment!

Thank God it is not like facebook! Great advice.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.


Thank you so much! God bless you!


You are most welcome and may God and all His Angels watch over you and your loved ones.


Thank you so much. God bless you too!