Beware of Mining Software

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It often happens to all of us that because we are so familiar with the platform we want to tell about everything that happens to us during the day, I know that this is not my case, since I rarely tell about things that happen to me on a daily basis, if I have shared with you some specific events such as my wife's pregnancy and from time to time I let myself out by writing about the situation in the country, although it is not a secret. Sometimes I wish I could share more personal things like photos, moments lived during the day but in reality to get the phone out in a public place without getting it stolen would be a feat in the place where I live, that's why I hardly publish pictures, and uploading them is tedious because of the quality of the internet that leaves much to be desired, in short. Today is the day I want to share with you an experience in which I noticed malicious intentions in mining software.


I don't have a lot of experience in mining cryptomes, but I know that in order to mine BTCs, special equipment is needed due to the complexity of the calculations, thanks to the number of miners who try it every day, I also know vaguely that there is what they call shared mining in which several users join the power of their machines to generate a token and then it is shared based on the contribution of each one, and I also know that there are places where I can create an account and associate several machines to this account, my total mining capacity would be the sum of the capacities of all the machines I am using my account on.

This last point is the one that is somewhat dangerous because I have read about the existence of malicious software capable of entering your computer and without you realizing it, using the resources of your machine to add mining capacity to its creator, in this way the creator of malicious software makes a lot of money with the resources of its victims.

To be a little honest, inflation in my country has reached the point where what I do at steemit is barely enough for my daily living, not to mention the great responsibility that is coming in a little less than 3 months (my daughter who is going to be born). That's why today I wanted to look for other alternatives to increase my income and reading on the internet I found a page that said how I can use my PC to earn some extra money by mining cryptomes through software, these analyze the resources of my machine and are responsible for choosing which is the best cryptomarket to mine, everything sounded very nice so I decided to download the software I thought best to try, this is called winminer.

After installing the software and running it I was able to prove that it worked, but the amount I could make per day was $0.008 less than $1 per month. I have an i3 with 6GB of ram and in the collaboration I do with my world community grid machine I get paid about $4 a month. So I decided that this software was not business because my machine was able to generate more and I didn't know where the rest of it would go. I decided to uninstall the program and uninstalled it, everything seemed normal until the end of the process that gave a message "some files and folders were not uninstalled, it must be done manually".

An ordinary user is not going to review the program files folder to delete content from there, however, due to the nature of the software and previous warnings I went in to delete the remaining files manually, to my surprise I couldn't because the software was still running.

From all this I can draw a conclusion, if uninstalling the software runs without your consent it is obvious that it is using your resources without your consent for its own benefits. Since not everyone bothers to manually browse or delete files from key windows folders I suppose many users believe they have successfully uninstalled the program and become victims of it. The correct way to uninstall it is to stop the process with the task manager and then delete the files.

Given this experience I no longer want to know anything about mining software, I think there are too many malicious people and I don't want to be a victim of any of them.

I hope this article will be useful for your reflection. May God continue to bless you and thank you once again for reading.

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