The truth of food shortages in Venezuela.

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Aloha steemians!

You guys know I don’t say much but here is a 16 minute breakdown by Florida Marquis as to the real reason for some food shortages in Venezuela. And the icing on the cake is his second explanation relative to Bankers and Venezuela oil.

-There’s a fake food crisis.
-There’s a bad leader crisis.
-There’s a refusal to sell oil to big banks at their wishes.

So, what do you think is really going on currently in Venezuela?!!!

Wouldn’t you like a snip bit of truth about Venezuela and bad bad Maduro?!!!

Enjoy! Stay to the end: 16 minutes long. Please listen to the whole video.

Thank you for watching. And as always, have a wonderful day.



I don't know, maybe it is just me being unreasonable - but on something important like this, having someone on a video tell me how it not going to convince me.

I want facts, I want to see documentation, I want to see the man on the street, looking well fed and ranting about how wonderful life is - I do not want to be expected to take any one person's word because they have a channel on YT. Whether it is people I believe in or not, my requirements are the same.

Unfortunately...(is it?) I have visited I spent about ten years trading in I take what info is available and make my own mind up.

I am old enough to recall the Cold War and how we said it was so bad in the USSR, but they said it was only Western propaganda and if you went there on business, you would be wined and dined, with Beluga Caviar (and so on). Despite it all, communism failed and since then, being free to speak, the Russians themselves tell us how terrible life was under the Soviets.

I am not claiming Trump or the USA are Father Christmas. Of course they have their own agenda - which, thank god, does not include communism.

(If you are wondering, yes, I hate communism, not because I am wealthy, I am not. It is because all I've seen of communism and the theories it operates under, destroy the spirit of mankind - or as they (and the queen bee) call them, the workers.)

Thank you for a detailed heartfelt explanations/reasonings. I personally am having a hard time with discernment but we must come to our own conclusions as to what is truth, partial truth or total bs and that should be respected. Nothing is black or white, dear friend. Deep diving is per individual.

Have a great day.

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