The Monetary Base of the US Dollar: How Many Dollars Are Too Many Dollars?

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How Many US Dollars Exists?

One way to view the health of an economy is to keep a close eye on the monetary base of that particular currency. With reports circulating about TRILLIONS of US dollars being created and pumped into the economy, it's a good idea to put that into perspective.

In economics, the monetary base in a country is the total amount of bank notes and coins. This includes: the total currency circulating in the public, plus the currency that is physically held in the vaults of commercial banks, plus the commercial banks' reserves held in the central bank. Source: Wikipedia

How Many Dollars Are Too Many Dollars?


September of 2008, the day when everything changed. March 2020, the day that began the "new normal".

Most economists were preparing for hyper-inflation in 2008 after it was announced that TRILLIONS of dollars were being added to our monetary base. After this, more TRILLIONS were added over and over until finally ending August of 2014. The monetary base went from about 800 Billion to 4000 Billion over 6 years from 2008 - 2014. It began to trend downward from 2014 - 2019 reaching a low of 3200 Billion. Then 2020 happened.


What Will 2021 Look Like?

We are only seeing the tip of the ice berg when it comes to 2020 and 2021. This chart is likely to change scale in the coming years, with the monetary base likely exceeding 6 TRILLION dollars within the next few months.

What does that mean for the US Dollar? How many of these abundant dollars will it take to fill a grocery store basket? Will the failed predictions of 2008 hyper-inflation come to pass in 2021? What can we do to preserve our wealth before it looses it's value?

My NOT Financial Advice

I can only say the what not the how. The how is up to you to figure out.

  • Turn off the MSM, it's bad for you
  • Vomit up your blue pill and take off your mask
  • Find open local businesses to frequent and spend generously
  • Exchange your fiat currency (USD) for tangible assets like gold and platinum
  • Exchange your fiat currency (USD) for assets with controlled inflation such as cryptocurrencies (any cryptocurrency - hyperinflation raises all boats)
  • Refuse mandatory vaccination
  • Don't allow the current "pandemic" to distract you from the fact that Epstein didn't kill himself


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