Decentralized News Hour EP 1 - Facebook Censorship, Fake News, Govt School Failures.

in informationwar •  3 months ago

Our first group podcast with @truthforce @gregorypatrick and @wakeupnd
where we talk about Facebook Censorship, Manafort Found Guilty, Chinese Censorship, Farming Methods, Educational System and much more!

This is our first podcast that we are naming Decentralized News Hour, your place for tuning into the news/stories/information that the MSM doesn't want you to know about! Make sure you like and subscribe to the Youtube channel, click the bell icon on Youtube to make sure that you receive all notifications when we upload or go live!

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What did he say, $80-100,000 on 1/4-1/2 acre? Wow, that would be nice! I wonder how much his expenses are?

I think the whole crp thing is ridiculous. Sure the government pays you to take your land out of commission, but then they still tell you what to do with it and how long you have to keep it in crp. Not sure why anyone would want to put their land into crp.

From what I understand, anyone who rents farm land, has to enroll it into the farm program. One, because the bank will not give you any loans unless you do so, and two, to ensure the landowner gets paid. My husband says once he owns all his land, he will not be using any government assistance with his farming.

My husband grows sugar beets and it is ridiculous how much control American Crystal has. The only reasons my husband even grows sugar beets are that he enjoys the work and it makes him money. He can’t stand the company, and I’m not sure if any farmer does. It’s not a stretch to say the only decisions the farmer gets to make regarding sugar beets are what equipment they use and who they hire. Otherwise AC dictates how much they can plant, how much they can harvest, when to harvest, and even how many trucks they can operate during harvest.