John Oliver Got it Right about Venezuela's Crisis

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Best Summary of the Venezuelan Crisis.

and it can actually make you laugh.

I just ran into this video and I felt compelled to share it with all my english speaking followers, especially with those antiwar self-righteous pundits who think that in order to be coherent with their anti-conservative stance they have to support the most shameful government America (the whole continent) has ever had or just to ignore all the crimes they have committed.

He got one detail terribly wrong and it was the number of exiles. Conservative estimates put it in 3 million now; I'd say it is close to 4.

Thanks for your visit


Usually humorous Joanna Hausmann's video adds a perfect serious complement to this story. Thanks to @youhavewings for bringing it to my attention.


Although the host was humourous but glimpses of Venezuela compelled me to pray...

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Thank you very much, my friend. It is that serious and it is that absurd. Who in their right mind would want a clown as president, especially when this clown happens to also be inept, a functional illiterate and a ruthless and insensitive bully.
The chavistas have consistently denied and laughed about our tragedy. They mock our suffering, they enjoyed the failure and disgraces of those who have migrated and have faced even more ordeals as exiles.
They are socially resentful people with no qualifications to have become ministers, governors or mayors (let alone presidents of companies) who have found in absolute power (their true phylosophy) absolute evouchery and corruption.

May there be Peace!
-onto Venezuela!

That's all I can say..

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Thank you, guys

The difficulty is the legacy of 'Dollar Diplomacy'. Many of us in the United States doubt the motives for intervention in Latin America because of history. And so we need first person accounts like this to persuade us of the truth, as lived by Venezuelans today.
I have resteemed your post. I think direct communication like this is the best way for people to learn the truth. I try on Steemit to support people from Venezuela because I know they are struggling.
I wish you and everyone in your country better times.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
I went to grad school in the States, lived there for 7 years, my two daughters were born there. I have a great deal of appreciation for America as a complex system capable of good and bad things, but also of mechanisms to make the bad things get visible and allow people to try to right the wrongs.

I know the history of the USA and I know how shame has stained in every step of the way, from indian genocide to witch hunting, to lynching, to presidents assassinations, to invasions; but interspersed in those events there have been people and ideas that has contributed to making the world a better place and it is up to each of us to live up to the expectations created by the idea of democracy and the government of the people.

I know that Trump is a big minus in this equation. He does not even try to hide whatever hidden or conflicting interests. He has screwed up in many places and will keep doing it for as long as he stays in office. It will be up to the new venezuelan government that emerges out of this mess and its people to allow the USA to just help us get up and move on or keep us under oppresion, just of a different kind.

There's a reason I majored in history as an undergraduate: I wanted to know the truth of things. What I discovered was that truth is elusive. You are there, making decisions based on what you understand. How can I challenge that? I hope you're right. I know desperate times demand desperate measures. I hope the measure you welcome will lift the economy and the people and that democracy will be restored, eventually.
Be well in these troubled times. Good luck to you and your family

Absolutely. There is no such a thing as Truth. I learned that too.
I'm fully aware we are choosing the best of two evils here. But I also learned from cultural studies that often times we give too much credit and power to the oppresors, the dominant ideology and tend to asume that nothing can exist outside it, that there cannot be a reaction or counter culture, that we are "always already interpellated by ideology".
I want to think that there are alternatives and that the powerful are all powerful only if we are all submissive. The chavismo got an outrageous amount of power all these years. They even changed our culture and traditions in many ways, they tried to indoctrinate from K.
And yet, you ask any kids at school and they will not hide their disgust for the president and this government that has put them in total deprivation of things they know other kids around the world have access to.
I also hope to get out of this mess safe and sound. I want to think that my chuldren will have something to aspire to. The way we are living now, there is no tomorrow for our kids. My 16-year-old will finished HS in june and there are no universitiesfor her to attend. Zero, unless you count the ones created by the government, without campuses, without their own faculty, only aimed at indoctrinating.
I know the USA may screw this chance big time. It's all about deals. They have deals with Turkey, and Turkey supports Maduro. They are also compromised with the russians and the chinese. It can get really messy and the truth, the truth will always elude us.

That was hilarious and so true! I particularly liked the OJ reference in terms of the US role here. Might not be out of character for this to be more of our mischief, but not this time. Also not ours to fix. (So no invasions justified.)

I don’t know how the Venezuelan people are going to rid themselves of this dictator, but somehow they must. If invasion by outsiders does it, those outsiders will become the new problem. Look at Iraq.

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Thanks for stopping by.
Yep, that's always a possibility, but there is also the possibility that they (the Americans) get just a share of the business every other country is getting in the rest of the region without starving their people.
Even Bolivia, with Morales in the presidency, has been opened to markets and they have a one digit inflation.
Except for Argentina, that has a 20+% inflation, the rest of the region is in better shape and they also got interested parties making sure they moved from the left to the center or right (Ecuador, Brazil, Peru). I don't see their people complaining about the empire running their lives, let alone ruining them
Here the cubans, russians and chineses have been intervening, exploiting and supporting Maduro's attrocities, at the expense of people's misery. Some people do not seem to care about that kind of imperialism

If America comes, America controls at the expense of the Venezuelan people. You will never have anything but dictators again, just ones we pick. Better to solve your problems without us. What you see the Chinese and Russians doing now is nothing in comparison to how we will enslave your nation to our corporate interests. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Well, let's put it this way. The Americans enslaved us since about 1910 when they started getting oil from our soils.
They backed up a long list of dictators, especially Juan Vicente Gómez and Marcos Perez Jimenez. They did not care they were dictators as long as they did business with them, and yet, even during those years venezuela was not as deastated as it is now after 20 years of chavismo supported by chinese, cuban and russian hands, so you tell me if what they have done is nothing compared to what Americans will do.

Asa matter of fact if you analyze venezuela's history, the period of development we had was between 1958 and about 1990. Everything significant in terms of our industrial development, urbanism, universities, etc happened during that time. There was social mobility. People from smal towns could go to college, get a job and get things done for the next generation to do even better. And all this happened during a period that was in a way controled by USA political and economic interests. But there was a democracy. We were doing better than most latinamerican countries.
I understand your possition.I wish it were that simple. Why would we have to ask and owe a third party is we can solve the problem ourselves. If you paid attention to the video or check similar material you'll see that it has been 2 deades of accumulation of power on the chavistas' part and displacement and annulment of any form of descent or popular participation on any opposition side.
It's not like we are just to lazy to try to change things ourselves. You have to knwo how the left here seized power in such a way that it made it impossible to subvert via regular democratic means.
Many people argue in favor of elections. Transparent election s results are not guarantee, not even the participation of those who oppose them, since some ended upin jail or have been "legally" banned from running.

So what do we do? abtain from getting help and continue suffering until they get tired or our riches are exhausted and they they leave and leave behind a concentration-camp-like scenario?

You presume that I’m accusing you of laziness when I’m certainly not. It won’t be easy, and you’ll note that neither I nor Oliver in his video propose a solution. That’s because we don’t have one. But if a US invasion is what you’re hoping to be your salvation, then I find nothing good to say. I can only hope that those of you there in the situation can be divinely guided by a wisdom that sees a path we do not yet.

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