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Today is the day in the U.S.A. when we remember the sacrifices of our ancestors paid for our way of life. If they didn't give their lives for us, the rights I hold dear would be just a memory. They died to, among many things, protect my ability to write these articles for Steemit, this right was protected by ordinary folks' blood and treasure spent and I appreciate it. I honor them today and encourage everyone else to do join me in doing so as best they can. This day isn't about the government, it's about the people.
Have a great holiday weekend to all who are celebrating, here is a quick link to the History Channel's page on the tradition behind Memorial day.

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Learned something new today. Thank you. @ironshield

It's great that anti establishment guys like us can get together to respect those who didn't have a choice when it comes to war. We get to have our lifestyle because of their sacrifice and if was me, I'd appreciate a thank you too.