Twitter will Burn in a Fire of its Own Making !

in informationwar •  3 months ago  (edited)


Thanks for playing, @Jack.

Showing your hand was the intended target.

The 'SRIKE' will be FAST.

Shall We Play A Game?📁

You were warned, @Jack.

The Strike Will Be Fast.

Let's Keep Playing…

Listen carefully.


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Wow! Twitter going down!!!

What source do you use for Q updates by the way man?


Hi there @sunsethunter ! hru ?? yes Twitter is now in the loop big time as soon will be all the other anti trust social media web sites that we have all seen running amok in tyranny on steroids ! i go here for my Q,

Absolutely, in my opinion there is a huge generational disconnect with those in power, They have no clue how society has progressed and the people in power still think we are living in the 80's, people today are tech savvy, informed, and understand that Corporations are destroying free speech with censorship, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have seen peak value and usership, how can you be so stupid as censor a platform based on communication and the ability of users to socially Network, it's like selling a car with no wheels and an engine. Who is going to buy a car that doesn't drive? Who is going to use a social network that doesn't allow social networking?


yes absolutely agree with you @natepower ! Especially when they are also not so secretly spying on your data too and sharing it to any tom dick and harry that wants it and finds it useful for something ! Well the lawsuits will start piling up now, this is just the beginning and this will snowball to the point where these centralised CIA run platforms will just crash and burn !