Bill Smith, One of My Favourite Sources for Hardcore Info on Youtube has Disappeared and Nobody Know,s Where He Is?!!

in informationwar •  2 months ago

BILL SMITH 54,045 Subscribers

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction !
We didnt pass it to our children in their bloodstream !
It must must be fought for, protected and handed over to them to do the same !

So many in the Truther Network are concerned about the where abouts of Bill Smith, a great and extremely brilliant and motivated purveyor of Truth and Analysis of Information Q and otherwise on Youtube ! He has gone dark since the 20th of August, more than a week ago and some of his friends in the cyber world are saying that he is not replying at all to their DM,s, something which they are all saying is apparently most strange !

He has a fair size following on Youtube, counting 54k Subscribers in all, but its more the way that he delivers the truth which I think has gotten him noticed ! Where indeed his name has even been mentioned from all accounts by the Mainstream media in their reports recently in the recent call for People like Alex Jones to be removed from the debate as they are dangerous and spread fake news and hate speech ! Now why would that be as surely 54 subscribers is hardly a huge following, nothing compared to Jonesy, but then knowing the sort of content that he deals in and his brilliantly scripted hardcore telling of the facts could have meant that they have indeed taken the decision to silence his own personal revolution against the Evil Tyranny once and for all !

I sure hope he is ok and that somehow all of this is just hearsay and that the guy has just decided to take a break from all of this Evil as God knows and so do I that dealing with it on a daily basis sure can get you down ! But when you see his last videos posted the 15th of August you do have to wonder when you hear the redaction he makes on all of this Clinton Foundation Scandal and Theft in Haiti, whether indeed these films got him on the now infamous " Clinton Hitlist of the Silenced " and he is now maybe a dead man hanging with a red scarf around his neck from a doorknob !! Well I sure hope not and I do pray that he is ok and will be back soon online doing what he likes best and sure knows how to do !

These are Inspirational videos , they make you feel good, Reagan was right, there is no such thing as appeasement, I will give up my life before that happens, do you understand that ?? I will fight with everything I have !! I am all in here, I am all in ! I am not going away and know that I will be here until we win ! ~ Bill Smith.

Here is the video that most certainly hit a bad nerve with some very dangerous people, watch it and you will I think see what I mean !!

Qanon 8/15/18 - Read very carefully. (re: Hillary Clinton Haitian Slave Factory)

Bill Smith
Published on 15 Aug 2018

I'll read the article to you. Qanon post #1882 is about Bill and Hillary's voodoo honeymoon (WTF!) and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. They built a slave factory for clothing. Kate Spade was hung with RED SCARF to make sure she didn't talk about it.

US election 2016: What really happened with the Clintons in Haiti? - BBC News -


Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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hopefully he is just on vacation


Yeah you are telling me @funbobby51 !! So you know of him then too ?? His videos are seriusly hardcore I have to say !


no, I don't watch many youtube videos.


EyetheSpy is talking about it, saying that Bill just decided to step away/back, but Dustin Nemos presents good info that Eye the Spy is comped.

If he were doing that, I don't think he would do it so abruptly.


people get fed up and burnt out on social media all the time, especially if you are putting out a lot of content its pretty easy to do. Hopefully he will return soon.

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He ded. Killary ate him, someone said so on 4 chan, which is where the real news comes from. Some shit about the deep state and pedophiles