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RE: Ukrainian Sniper Shoots Unarmed Woman

Gun control!

We just pass a law. After that war is no more!

And did that sniper do a background check? Is that weapon legal?

Wait which side are we going to dehumanization to? Thought Russia was the bad guy. Now it's the freedom fighters in trouble?

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We should spend millions on those
Gun Free Zone signs!

If we placed them everywhere, no one would ever be shot again.
Well, as long as police officers would follow the law.

But really, a gun is the least effective way to kill lots of people or create an incident.
Such as, in Columbine, if the kids didn't have guns and instead worked on their other plans, a lot more kids would have died.

We really need to End the FED before more of these incidents happen.

And as long as people obey the exalted law enforcement officers. They won't get shot.

And yes signs! And shirts! And let's pay students and teachers for walking out!

Only the government needs guns.

And ending the fed means that the paper dollar is worthless. That would definitely shit down the poor too!

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