On Any Given Tuesday #15

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Here we are again.
Time to take our pill.

We have to have workers, we don't have to have dollars.

With thanks to this guy,...

I'm going to take a minute to explain your monetary system to you, don't be surprised if you want to throw rocks at banksters when I am through.
Please hang in with me if you already know.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that creates money from nothing and loans it into our economy.
They say that they print $100 at a cost of 14.3 cents.
So, they profit $99.857 for each $100 bill circulation.
Think about that, if you could mark up your wares that much wouldn't you get visions of grandeur, too?
Be willing to kill to keep your market?

Then they charge interest on top of that, because,....FU.
You are the slave of the haves that create money from nothing and trade it to you for the better parts of your life.

Every have, that doesn't create money from nothing, is just a parasite on those that do.
The top of the pyramid knows that somebody has to go bankrupt, or the whole shebang explodes.
They don't care about who that is because they have the inside info, and it won't be them begging in the streets.


These banksters never create money for interest, they only create money for principal.
That means that in order to pay off the interest you have to force another loan into default.
Every dollar in your pocket is a dollar of somebody else's misery.
That $100 meal you just ate is what puts those panhandlers on the corner.

Let me put that into a more relatable form.

If GM loans out 1000 cars to 10 people on the promise that they pay back 110 cars each then you would clearly see that it is impossible to give GM back more cars than they had originally created.
It is physically impossible to repay the debt.

But by forcing Joe into bankruptcy 9 of them can pay, and the bankster gets to buy at the bankruptcy auction with his own paper money.

By not creating interest, and spending it into the economy, the Fed insures that defaults will occur.
It is physically impossible to pay back more money than was originally created.

Were the Congress to create money and loan it out at 5% to all who ask for it, the profits would accrue to all holders of dollars instead of just the banksters.

By spending 5% more money than has been loaned to us on infrastructure improvements, then the money circulates without the need to bankrupt anybody.

If you have to have a crapitalist system at least let it be one not designed to impoverish large groups of people.

I'm sure this will be seen by enough folks here with an economic background and the math skills to lend credence to this, if they care to do so.


Now, let me explain my proposal.
It is totally different.
It is outside the box.
Your cognitive dissonance is going to go ding, ding, ding,....

The workers do all the work.
The owners keep all the profits not paid in wages and taxes.
If we cut out profits, wages and taxes the only people that get mad are the owners and taxers.

How do we do that?

Simple, really.

We just keep working and stop paying.

The workers already do all the work to feed the world.
We just jump through the banksters hoops because they have controlled the information in our minds.

As long as the workers continue working the goods will be available.

It is that simple.

Please don't let your cognitive dissonance win,....

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"If you have to have a crapitalist system at least let it be one not designed to impoverish large groups of people."

This seems like an oxymoron to me. Even if not explicitly designed to cause this impoverishment, I can't imagine it won't occur under capitalism. The capitalist class wants to be rich, and that requires lots of other people to go without. They don't care who gets the short end of the stick, just that there's a long end for them.


Lol, you been reading books?

Yes, you are right.
Money makes the have nots slaves of the haves.
That can be minimized, but not eliminated.

Until communism is no longer the boogie man used to scare the nonreaders and tarnish our only escape we face an uphill climb.
What happened in Russia was socialism.
It's right there in their name.
USSR= union of soviet (Russian word for federated, but tptb thought letting folks know about federation was a bad idea) SOCIALUST republic.



Just keep an eye on that new kid on the geo-political block... Technocracy.


Yep, got it from the source.


You are so on the ball! 🖒😎


Made a post about it, too.
It'll post in a few days.

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