UNITY4J Movement: Tactic 1 Get JFK Files Released to 1. Ensure Assange is Respected Today Not 50+ Years to Find out How He Is Treated 2. If Bombshell very good metanarrative of why should not have secret government

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Cool Live Stream on Unity4J movement today and new discord server for people who want to help. These are my thoughts.

I think we should organize around getting all JFK files released. If people don't care about what government documents claim happened and whether the president was assassinated and/or a conpsiracy was covered up for possibly extra legal acts even 50 years ago, then if they do not respect Assange's dignity it's gonna be 50+ years until we find out the real truths about what happens next? The military industrial complex controlled media has driven people insane over the clown in chief speaking directly with the figurehead of the other major nuclear power. We need to drive the narrative toward transparency and openness.

Main Stream

The way I see it if they can murder and/or cover up the murder of a president over 50 years ago and still not tell us, then what is to stop them from even more abusing of Assange's dignity and not make us wait at least 50 years to find out what surviving government documents claimed about what happens to Assange today and over the coming weeks and months.

Perhaps Good Idea on Organizational Jujitzu to Liberate Assange

Additionally, if there is a bomshell in the JFK files that the USG helped murder and/or assassinate JFK then that totally invalidates the US constitution and meaningful elections. It strikes at the heart of arbitrary deference to the deep state and may help create a wider narrative in the sheeple that we need the truth and people should not be trusted to run our lives in a supposedly democratic society.

Zero Hedge's Claim of Evidence of Bullet Holes in Windshield of JFK limo, if this is true and if that evidence can finally brought to the public then could be the smoking gun to getting the pressure needed to get Trump to flip flop again on JFK files

As some of my previous steemit posts discuss, I ordered the supposed DVD off ebay but the quality was not good enough. I have yet to be able to find a vendor for the supposed evidence but if someone can find it and if the pictures are there get them to the public I think could be good.


UNITY4J Discord Server


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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!


yea, hopefully Assange is free to publish any government documents he wants someday. What a wonderful world it could be.

wao nice steaming sir


thanks, what did you find to be nice about it?

What's a great post!


IDK, kind of scary they might have murdered a president and/or covered up a conspiracy to murder the president and still have not told us 50+ years later, and now they may be about to even more shut up one of the only men telling us what some of them are doing now.

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Why not organize and make sure there human rights abusing UK government can't take possession of Assange? We know where he is at.


because they can do whatever they want and that is what we are doing. Where did I say do not do that? Saul Alinsky asserts: "All organizing is reorganizing" What do you have to say about the dual ways I state that JFK files advocacy might help Assange?

Hmm... Nice post, thanx.


thanks glad you liked it, hope his dignity is respected!!

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Great Thanks, glad you liked it hopefully we can help free Assange, You should check out the Assange discord server if you want to try to help him and help ensure we know as much about the government as possible. Hit me up on discord, "TheFatKat" if you ever want me to check out your stuff


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