Jayapal: Gas Prices Will Go Up ‘No Matter What’ and We Need to Move Off Fossil Fuels

Jayapal: Gas Prices Will Go Up ‘No Matter
What’ and We Need to Move Off Fossil Fuels

Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) argued that we have to move off of fossil fuels so we’re “free of the ability of dictators to blackmail us over oil and gas,” and that increasing domestic oil production wouldn’t keep gas prices from increasing because “no matter what we do, prices of gas are going to go up.”

Oddly enough I don't THINK so. Before the election was stolen from President Tump the price of gasoline where I live was flirting with (wait for it) a dollar. In fact I do believe that I saw $0.97 a gallon pump price at a gas station store nearby.

When deep state presidents mismanage the economy the price of gasoline trends high. I remember that during the Obama Reign of Error the price of Diesel was over $5.00 a gallon. I remember it very well. I was a trucker at the time and had twin 150 gallon fuel tanks. Paying $1200 for a fill up is.....well it was stressful. A lot of independent truckers and small trucking companies went out of business.

Trump was elected and the price of fuel went low. In fact during the Trump administration the USA was for the first time in history an oil EXPORTING nation. We didn't need no steenking russian oil, or OPEC either.

My brother was a geophysicist for the permian basin area. He told me once that the 'proven reserves' were constantly INCREASING. No matter how much oil we pumped there was more oil that what we thought there was to begin with. He said there was unlimited oil.

But what did he know.

Fun fact. Adjusted for inflation the price of gashas been...relatively flat. I'm so old that I remember when a gallon of gasoline went for $0.25 pump price. That was in the sixties. Adjusted for inflation that would be about $2.00 in todays money. Well guess what


Thanks to Biden we're getting a double whammy. The supply of oil is low, the demand is high the price goes up. PLUS the value of the dollar is decreasing so that means you're paying with dollars that aren't worth as much.


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