A Collection of Red Pill Moment Videos... What changed the minds and beliefs of these people?

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The term Red Pill or take the Red Pill is a more and more common term these days. It generally means breaking free of pre-conditioned narrative and the popular narrative of the culture and the media.

There are people that once believed many things that are popular according to the media. They believed the narratives about who the racists were, who the Nazis are, who the fascists are, who the homophobes are, and who those are that are and speaking the hate speech and wanting to control the world.

These people changed their mind. Why? Well that is their red pill moment.

I thought I'd share a collection of them as I can find them. You might find their stories to be inspiring and powerful. You may not like them at all.

Anthony Brian Logan

Tiny Toese

Candace Owens

Cassie Jaye

Chidi Dillibe

Lionel Nation

Tod Talks

Stefan Molyneux

Andrew Breitbart

The Taoist Conservative

Skippers Tales

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Kevin's Corner He refers to Blue Pill, but he means red pill. He got the Matrix color reference wrong.

Please Rewind

The Misunderstood Traditionalist

Aryanna Gharanfoli

Liz Neptune

Taking the red pill does not bring you into a small group of people. In fact, it frees you from group. It is about the individual. It is about being okay with being wrong, and being able to ask questions, even about things that make you uncomfortable to question.

The media is very much focused on preventing these moments from happening. Once it happens, if it does, there truly is no going back. It is like having blinders removed. It can be scary at first. In the long term though it is freeing.

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Great stuff, it's always nice to remind people of just how rampant the spread of "red pill moments" is.

It also caught my eye and brought to my attention that I did not have you on the voting list for @tribesteemup yet, but I've remedied that :-)


I think that most of America is beginning to understand that the real battle is about the common citizen against the establishment. It is not gender vs. gender, race vs. race, etc.

We are all beginning to understand that our traditional leaders have played the common citizen against each other for their own benefit and to the detrimate of the people that they are supposed to serve.

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Great collection of red pill videos. I spent a few hours yesterday and today listening to most of them while doing chores and will finish up the last ones tomorrow. It inspired me to do a post of my "red pill" moment, though it was more a movement than a moment, and the movement is still ongoing.


I'll go check it out.


Working on finishing up Towards Voluntaryism right now. Will get to the red pill moment sometime soon, realize I formulated that unclearly.

@dwinblood you over did it with this one, this should be in the trendingnow @asap

The Matrix has some of the most powerful symbolism of our century. It will be one of the most rememberd works of fiction in human history.


So true.

sir @dwinblood Your post is very interesting ...., red pill and blue pill remind me of a scene in the movie The Matrix when the main character Neo was told to choose 2 different kinds of pills by Morpheus characters. If the Neo character chooses a blue pill then his character will remain in the "real" world of matrix fabrication. Meanwhile, if the Neo character chose a red pill, then he will stay in the wonderland and break his life connection from the matrix world. This is the philosophy adopted in a hardware virtualization environment of the same name red pill and blue pill.

Best regardssignature_4.gif


That is where the term originally came from.


thanks sir for this very interesting post.

Great videos.This is time you go ahead. Best of luck.