Thank you for sharing this. This shit is nuts.

This is ridiculous, and not okay by any means, but I do agree with that Judge. Tommy knew what he was getting himself into. He knew the consequences, and I assume was ready for the worst. Lets hope his people keep him safe

Agree with what? That no media is allowed to inform the public about the trial of muslim child rape gangs?

Just that Tommy knew what he was getting himself into

@mlgcrypto Even if he knew it is a dangerous job to report about these topics, tyranny remains tyranny.

If you check this video, you realise that at this point, basically anyone can be sentenced there for any made up crap if they don't like you:

did you not read my first sentance?

I know you are negative about this. Just gave my feedback about the judge's remark and posted a rather detailed Rebel Media video about the case, but that one seems to be in some kind of limbo since it sometimes works sometimes act as a deleted video.

One thing is sure, whatever he committed, police/judges/gov were prepared for this and all happy to get him in there quickly. Otherwise, they would let his lawyer to be present.

The heretics of the church during the time of the inquisition also knew what they were getting themselves into. The people in russia that spoke out against stalin or the party, also knew what they where getting themselves into. The people in china that speak and spoke up against the chinese government..... the people in north korea that speak up also know and knew what they where getting themselves into.

did you not read what i said first.

I did read it and I'm glad of what you said first. :)
I just don't agree with what the judge said. The guy did not harm anyone. Not listening to megalomaniacs with black robes, is not harming someone and there should be no consequenses for not listening to god or people with godcomplexes........ IF you did not harm anyone.
That's my opinion. In a way the judge should be "his people" not in a nationalistic way or cultural way but in a fighting real crime (those with a real victim )
Hope you get what I mean with that, maybe my english is a bit to clumsy to get it bad.


I agree that the judge should be his people but when i said that I meant more along the lines of the people that he keeps close. The kind of people that would get locked up purposefully to make sure he's not in their alone, or get in touch with people inside that are sympathetic to his cause. Which im sure there should be quite a few

Thank you for replying @kafkanarchy84 ! It definitely is nuts

Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Relevance: Video Curation
Our Purpose

The global elite are the ones fomenting this clash of cultures agenda, as well as the divide and conquer agenda. Both sides of the political aisle are guilty of serving the global elite, in all western countries.

Exposing Oz Katerji And The UK Based Pro FSA And White Helmets Terrorist Propaganda Networks Operating In The United Kingdom

hold up.... dude threw bacon at a mosque?
these people dont want something, u throw it in their face.

im not religious, but, lets say i came into the church, and i pissed in the holy water. would i not deserve to be punished?
how is it any different?

Tommy Robinson did not throw any bacon. Some other person is claimed to have thrown out an unfinished sandwich that had bacon in it outside a mosque. Not Tommy Robinson.

All Robinson did was go to the courtroom where gang members were being sentenced for raping and prostituting English girls as young as 11, and for that he was arrested for 'breaching the peace'. He was subsequently tried and sentenced in less than two hours, without having any legal counsel.

He was sentenced to spend 13 months in a prison where numerous Muslim child rapists and pimps are being held, and many consider this a death sentence, because this is an issue Robinson reports on frequently, or did, and there is great hatred for him by those rapists and child molesters.

Are you serious I've been following Tommy for two years now... I bet the government want all those Muslims in the prison to remove him from this earth. British government out of their fkin minds, saddiq khan probably used all strings to make this happen.

Oh yes. This is a death sentence for Tommy. That is why it's so scary. It's a proxy death sentence. The government want Tommy dead, so they sentene him to jail with a lot of muslims - who will kill him.

And people will be afraid to share this, because they too can end up in jail as racists.

It has truly gone this insane.

So a guy who reports about rapidly growing muslim violence and labeled as a "white nationalist" and "racist" is sent to prison where a large portion of people are violent muslims.

The guy who put a bacon sandwich in front of a mosque got jailed(for hatespeech) and few months later got murdered in there. I really hope Tonny gets out soon or simply stays safe in there somehow because the government's goal is to silence him for good.

Hm, as I'm watching the video, she mentions the same things.

At least they have a fancy royal wedding that people can go crazy about. What is happening there? It seems like it is becoming a big fucking asylum.

The global elite are the ones fomenting this clash of cultures agenda. Both sides of the political aisle are guilty of serving the global elite, in all western countries.

Exposing Oz Katerji And The UK Based Pro FSA And White Helmets Terrorist Propaganda Networks Operating In The United Kingdom

Just throwing this out there for consideration, as what happened to Tommy is not ok with me.

When someone gets thrown in jail for anti-islamic behavior and is killed in there is his death because of a bacon sandwitch or because of some racist remark they may have said to the wrong person while behind bars?

We can never know at this point but it may be worth considering before turning another him into some kind of martyr.

Tommy did not have anything to do with any bacon sandwich. That was an incident involving a different person, who was subsequently murdered in prison.

Tommy reports on rape gangs and child rapists, and was waiting outside a courtroom where several defendants were being sentenced for raping and pimping English girls as young as 11, when he was arrested for nothing else, and charged with 'breaching the peace.'

He was tried and sentenced without legal representation within two hours, to 13 months in a prison filled with the very rapists and pimps he has been reporting on.

If he's murdered in prison, he will indeed be a martyr, and the UK will have committed murder, just as you would commit murder by leaving a person in a cage with a starving predator.

My comment was not about Tommy, as he does not appear racists to me. It was regarding the fellow who threw the bacon sandwich, which seems like a racists act to me. He is the one that had been killed to my knowledge.

Thanks for your reply yet Tommy's situation is known to me.

Tommy has been targetted for a long time. They've been waiting for this for a long time.

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