Scott Horton vs. Bill Kristol: Rumble in New York City 2020

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I just came across this event moments ago and purchased tickets in a complete state of glee and confusion. How can Billy the asshat agree to share a stage with Scott Horton? Is he insane?

This is my Superbowl.

On one side, one of the most horrible humans to ever grace the American political scene.

On the other, a skate-boarding ex-taxi driver who is now (in my and most libertarians' opinion) THE expert on American Middle East policy and someone who I know HATES Kristol. Sees him as a war-criminal traitor who is partly responsible for not just the destruction of Iraq, but the War on Terror in general.

I will counting down the days.

If you are not familiar with either, below is some background and video on both.

Scott Horton:

Billy The Shit-stain:

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