Statism Explained in 1 Meme & 1 Short Post: #8. The Masses Would Rise Up & Overthrow Them for Corruption Against Humanity if They Knew...

in informationwar •  4 months ago

This is how I have felt for years like MANY OF YOU here reading this.

If the state actually informed people about every day crime they commit against humanity in terms even just for:

  • Banking policy

  • Civil Rights Erosion / Destruction of Liberty & Freedom

  • Health / Agenda 21 / 2130 policy

  • Disinformation / Propaganda

  • Tax Enslavement

  • The Very Clear Class War & Planned Division Among the People

  • False Flags

... and more..... the people would truly rise up with a righteous anger and take down the 1% from every single angle

-- honestly as I have done activism on the front lines over the years seeing and hearing everything, this is how I feel based on so much tangible, real world experience and frankly --- I know you likely feel the same.

-- It has broken my heart as people are harmed, freedoms eroded on purpose to control humanity and the masses defend their captors --- aka Stockholm Syndrome.

I used to be a statist, I remember those days --- "The government knows everything, they lead us and guide us..... they always have our best interest at heart!"

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@barrydutton you are right and really a nice post, we are with you. Keep it up.

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