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RE: Why Does Society Want Us Occupied With Jobs?

I think for most people., an alternative path is just not very clear... the questions of 'where will I live?', 'what will I eat?', etc aren't easily answered. I'm trying to build a life where I'm chipping away at the overarching bills.. but growing my own food and eventually hooking up solar, etc... but it's tough. I think most people find it almost impossible to save enough for these types of investments... I wish Tiny Homes weren't blocked by so many councils...


Tiny home on wheels! And vanlife has saved me and dog

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It could be an answer for so many people... but even in Portland where I am, they're still technically illegal (although, only if someone dobs you in). So many people could be saved from debt slavery if they were legal.

I'm looking to build out a van for vanlife... but we've got a few other debts to pay off first... and we got smashed by the next tax laws... so thats been rough.

You in Portland? No shit? Let's meetup!

Yeah it's savage and tons of people are moving into vanlife and trying to escape the insane rent.

Got a young mother friend can't find a place for $600 a month.

And yeah as parts of Portland are way upset and make living or sleeping in your vehicle illegal. Makes me want to fight back. No fun being harassed for being parked.

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Yeah, it's so stupid. Last time I was in Portland (I live 40 minutes out) I watch the police roll up and harrass a homeless dude that had his tent and everything set up. He was totally out of the way, I don't understand that their game plan is... move him to where...?

You're in Portland, Oregon?!? That's awesome! We should totally hang!

you'd be surprised about the human potential when everything has to be rebuilt from scratch... but I support resource based economies, enough environmental de$truction for profit$