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What is the "Next level”?

People who choose to study our reality know that our reality has levels: 3d, 4d, 5d, etc.
People don't even imagine how awesome life can be.
These higher levels are rewards for higher levels of responsibility that is a component of our consciousness. It's pretty obvious why, isn't it?
Unless we're responsible, we're gonna use our power in an irresponsible way.
The higher our consciousness the higher is our power to model reality.
Nowadays people use their financial power to buy stuff that are not even necessities.
As long as people are unconscious they are gonna use spirituality to justify their materialism mentality. Society is more than happy about the idea that we deserve the best and it uses it to sell stupid unnecessary stuff. It's like:

  • You deserve the best so you definitely deserve stupid unnecessary stuff.

However, in vain you tell unconscious people they're wrong: their ego (a fake self that's a component of their unconscious mind) is not able to admit it's wrong so it’s gonna use their mind to create stories. E.g.

Pleasures are not "vices"

How else can they justify their fragility?
As long as people are unconscious:

  • They're the slaves of their ego,
  • They're not able to be real.
  • They're gonna seek salvation outside of themselves.
  • They’re not able to get it: the message goes one ear and out the other.
  • They're gonna sugar coat the cause of our problem because it's easier than working on the cause.
  • They're not able to conceive that our problem is that people invest their time and their energy in creating, distributing and selling products that are not even necessary (90% of the products on our planet), because people create demand for them.
  • They're gonna live in denial, until they die.

At this point there is no denial because there is no ego because there is no unconscious mind, so they’re gonna have the opportunity to realize that their life can be summarized in only 1 word: denial.
How can we reach a higher level where we have higher power as long as people are not responsible for the power they have at our current level?
How can people be more spiritual as long as they hold on frantically to material stuff that are not even necessities?

Native Americans didn't have a financial system even though they didn't have free energy. I wonder why.
Maybe because they didn't complicate their life with stuff that are not even necessities.
Now you need money to buy unnecessary stuff. Fragile people seek salvation in free energy so they can make as many wrong choice as they want without having to pay for them.

What You mean by "Good time"

Personally I don't see the point of this dancing around: asking questions for which you can find answers in the previous comments:

They will be more than happy when only 5% of the current population exists on our planet.
After our current war, all countries are gonna be too weak to oppose their new world order.
At this point we can NO longer work in the direction of waking people up because we NO longer exist.
Is this a good way to define Good time?

I guess you missed that part.
We're on the way to be deleted and

  • What do people do?

They get stuck in the meaning of words. Let's not be ridiculous! It's not enough that time is short, some people have the nerve to ask question for which they already got an answer so we can invest our short time in dancing around, in rewriting the same answer over and over again.
When we stop dancing around we might have more chances to cooperate to find solutions that are better than our individual solutions.
I'm sure my ideas are not the best ones and that's the whole point of my Discord server:
Do you know fearless people?

  • The more fearless people (who are solution oriented) cooperate,
  • The more chances we might have of creating solutions that are better than our individual solutions. It's pretty obvious isn't it?
    SIGN STOP TR 3.png

The topic of this server is dangerous because it's around the question:

  • How can we help people in good time be aware of the fact that we can change our world by changing our choices –the cause?

So it's not for fragile people because they are not able to conceive the idea of change, they prefer what's easy: Remaining the same is easier than change.