US: UK Should Take Care of its Own Sh*t

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After pushing the UK to steal an Iranian ship and praising this act of piracy, the US officials are now distancing themselves from the acts of the UK after sensing the seriousness and readiness of the Iranians for confrontation.

The US lost its upper hand and element of surprise to Iran when the Iranians successfully monitored the US spying planes and selecting which one to shoot down and shooting it.

Not only that, the Iranians also exposed a US lie about shooting down an Iranian drone to the extent of mocking the US army of the possibility the US Navy shot down one of its own drones.

Now the UK is asking the US for help, and as always with no fail, whoever the US ally is, the US leave them alone naked in the woods. US secretary of state Pompeo asked his British allies to take care of their own sh*t, oh excuse my language, he might have said ship, but the situation is far beyond a ship.

RT reported this:

And our friend on Twitter broke down the scenario as follows:

Greatest allies! 😂

US: UK, Please capture this Iranian ship for us. 🥺

UK: Okay! 🙇‍♂️

US: Great job UK! 👏

Iran: UK, we captured one of your ship to get even! 😏

UK: Please Help US! 😭

US: OMG so needy! take care of your own shit, UK! 🙄

Do you still trust the US as a reliable ally? Hello Kurds northeast of Syria, this question is for you too.

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