President Assad Postpones Parliament Elections until 19 July

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Syrian President Bashar Al Assad issued a decree postponing the elections for the People’s Assembly – the Syrian Parliament until 19 July 2020 in line with the state’s extraordinary preventive measures in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.


This is the second time the elections are postponed, the first presidential decree on 14 March postponed the parliament’s elections scheduled for 13 April until 20 May.

Contrary to the fake propaganda in the western mainstream media, the usual liars and warmongers, Syria’s elections were always held on time, even during the most difficult war times, and the parliament’s elections in particular witness wide participation from all walks of life, the elected representatives enjoy highest levels of immunity which can only be withdrawn in a majority vote by their own peers in the parliament and this was... Continue reading: President Assad Postpones Parliament Elections until 19 July

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Syria has more democracy than the whole west combined, they have very strong media.