Israel War Criminals

in informationwar •  15 days ago

A UN report found Israeli forces committed what can 'amount' to war crimes, Carlos Lattuf put it in one of his excellent caricatures.

Link to the tweet:

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So, the news is... More of the same. What else is new?


Sadly, nothing is new. The more sadly is we can only share the info among each other and talk hoping someone would do something about it.

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Defund the UN, where was the UN when 3 million people were murdered in 9 months by Pakistan in 1971. Useless liars, oh wait, Useless Numbskulls.


The UN is a club for mostly liars, hypocrites and terrorists sponsors, but in this case it's one of its bodies that conducted an investigation in the obvious crimes.

If the UNSC can force referring this file to the ICC then the UN might recover some of its lost credit. If the USA will again block the attempt to hold Israel accountable, as it did with over 60 vetos, providing absolute immunity to the pariah apartheid regime of foreign radical settlers, then the UN will blow away its last fig leave.

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