Today on Lucksacks; June 26th. Git Yer Tuesday On!

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Today on (6/26): Freerolls, Updates, and More from the Lucksacks Poker Leagues


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Hello Steemians and SPL Poker Players!

Hello Lucksacks community! Thank you for your support and understanding of what we’re trying to build here. While you’re enjoying the fun, please also make sure to support the community with your upvotes and donations.


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Updates, News, and Notes

  • Action from Monday:
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Quads in the @adsactly 20 SBD Weekly Freeroll at the final table

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Quads were dropping left and right on Monday! @AnaMa had a fantastic tournament and finished second

Screenshot (1307).png

A big hand in the @adsactly 20 SBD after Hoodish flops a full house and @christ2169 hits his full house on the river

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A pre-flop raise and all-in after the flop wasn't enough to get @coinbelly off of this hand. The 7 on the turn gives belly the straight and knocks Hoodish out of the tournament

  • Monday’s Winners:

Few tournaments are as challenging as the fast-moving 10 SBD Community Casino. @yazp was up for the challenge and had a fantastic day with two wins, including taking this tournament and the 3.60 SBD first-place prize.

In the 5 SBD @followbtcnews Freeroll, @yazp took first place. @generausd finished second and @arcaneinfo finished third.

I am a big fan of the @adsactly 20 SBD Monday Freeroll! I finished third in a great game of poker with @celsius100 finishing second and @coinbelly taking first for 7 SBD!

Other News and Notes:

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Today’s Freerolls: Tuesday, June 26

  • 3:00 AM CDT: 2 SBD Tuesday Tooth Fairy Hosted by @PhilippeKiene
  • 12:00 PM CDT: .20 SBD HORSE WTA Freeroll (16 Players Max)
  • 1:00 PM CDT: 1 SBD HORSE with Hoodish
  • 3:00 PM CDT: 5 SBD @followbtcnews NLH Freeroll

Also, join ongoing Sit &Go’s and tournaments throughout the day. To find out when these tournaments are happening in your time zone, use this time zone converter. And make sure to play in “Tucket” Sit N Go’s to win a ticket to play in the weekly Tucket Freeroll.

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Current Lucksacks Poker Leaderboard

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Please comment, trash talk, or post nonsense (other than spam) below, and I’ll see you at the tables!

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