follow the rules of steemit, do not make the offense, playing pretty sure we are successful as our friend

in #information3 years ago (edited)

this time I will discuss about many can votes from friends of friends.
first, do not once we copy other people's posts or text, if you copy have someone like text available on the internet for example, we have made a big cheating, examples that do not imitate like this picture friend
*** image

secondly, if we post something, our story should match the title we created, and uploading the image should match the story of the friend.
three, because we are still new in steemit then we must unfollow our senior senior, and ask for support of their already senior they support us who have experience beyond us.
four, this is the senior steemit whose experience exceeds us, and we should unfollow their support like steemit king below friend.
thank you, just information and rules in playing steemit


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