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What is

Steemit has redefined social media by building a living, breathing and growing social economy - a community where users are rewarded for sharing their voices. It is a new kind of attention economy.

How does Steemit work? is one of many websites (including, DTube and that are powered by the Steem blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency. All these websites read and write content to the Steem blockchain, which stores the content in an unchanging blockchain ledger and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called STEEM.

Every day, with the Steem blockchain, new STEEM tokens are minted and added to the 'reward pool' of a community. These tokens are then assigned to users for their contributions, based on the votes received by their content. Users who have more tokens in their account as "Steem Power" can decide where a larger part of the rewards pool will be distributed.


Go to
Press the 'sign up' button


Enter your username.
click on 'continue'


Enter your e-mail.
click on 'continue'


Enter your telephone number.
click on 'continue'


You will now receive a pop-up
Wait patiently until you receive a confirmation email.




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