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I was recently accused of using 400 GB of data last month on my desktop computer. I live in a house with five total occupants and we get charged outrageous fees if we run over 1 TB of data.

Needless to say, I was floored by this accusation. I don't normally stream video on my computer and I haven't been torrenting for years. Where did all this bandwidth come from?


Shitty Microsoft Edge used 1.8 GB? I only use that to play NextColony... which I have now stopped playing, thankfully. Still, how does such a basic game gobble up all those resources? You should be able to play something like that on a 56k modem.

It all comes down to the inefficiency of scripting things quickly and not caring if it wastes resources. We live in a disposable society. If it's free, waste it.

Then again, 1.8 GB is nothing compared to the 400 I was looking for, so I downloaded a bandwidth monitoring app to see what was up. It looks like I'm using about 1-2 GB per day, which is a lot less than the 13 GB per day I was being accused of. However, I did run malware and antivirus and quarantined a bunch of stuff, so perhaps there was a big leak there.

Still, 1-2 GB per day is quite outrageous for what I use my computer for. I almost switched from Windows to Linux just to see what the difference would be. I'm guessing it would be massive.


We live in an age of information. A digital revolution. Apps that run on Windows OS datamine your info and make money off it. It's quite the epidemic. This is also mirrored with services like Facebook.

I can't wait for the day when cryptocurrency is attached to Linux in an organized and smart way and it finally becomes superior to the competition in every way. Linux has always struggled due to funding issues. It is superior when it comes to backend server stuff, but to stay up to date with all the cutting edge tech it is impossible to keep up with the billions of dollars being spent by Microsoft, Apple, and the like.


Blockchain is also inefficient, but that inefficiency is by design. Instead of doing everything it can to exploit the user, open source tech is going to decentralize and secure everything. The value of such a future is certainly priceless.

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Hi @edicted,
IMHO that's nearly impossible that this kind of traffic comes from nexcolony, even not nearly.
DW uses a bit more since they upgraded their game... over a month its in the hundreds of MB... but nextcolony is definitely below that..
So if you play both and you get to 1 GB that would be much...

And yet, here we are. The tab was exclusively used for nextcolony to get around a bug in chrome. My computer was being left on near 24/7 and there is a huge leak there.

really strange.. I measure the date traffic of all the dapps and I can't replicate that problem..
the only thing I discovered is heavy load on the CPU when logged in into DW...
so I have the suspicion they are running some mining algos in the background...

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Weird, my understanding of crypto mining is that it requires very little bandwidth. It only needs to broadcast info when a share is found. The GPU/CPU does all the heavy lifting.

yes.. this is what happens when I am logged into DW.. CPU usage goes full tilt into the red...
not so with NC

interesting. I have 20 DW tabs open all the time and my computer doesn't even flinch.

The pics were not compressed for about 2-3 weeks. But this is fixed. Also we had far too many queries in it at the beginning, that's fixed too. I assume that we are better positioned at the moment.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I got a Windows 10 laptop at work recently and was disgusted by all of the privacy settings I have to adjust in order for those crooks to not make millions off selling my stuff. I was actually surprised my company didn’t touch the privacy stuff, they are strict about not giving away our info. Data is the new oil for sure.

Amazing how things run in the background without us even noticing it but paying for it!

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I bought myself my first Laptop a year ago and installed Linux on it.
Havent powered my Desktop for over half a year.

Linux is just chill.

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