Underestimating the impact of soil degradation.

in #industrialization2 months ago


The number of spontaneous mutations in bacteria is septillions per second, and likely has been for 3 billion years. Further, bacteria and viruses exchange genes to evolve far faster than sexual reproducers who have cycles lasting months to decades. Even more remarkable numbers are the permutations of genes and proteins, which are hyper-astronomical numbers cubed even for relatively short genes.

In running septillions of interactive genetic experiments per second, nature has produced a remarkable dynamic stability in many modalities in between great extinctions. Humans affecting this stability is doomed to failure on a global scale - we are already on the top ten list of extinctions and have a shot at #1.

It is time for us to step back from industrialization, the totally collapsed biomes of cropland, landscaping, pavement and cities, the planetary rape of mining and burning, the land destroying effect of roads, fences, walls, and dams; and motorized comfort and convenience - which are all bad for out health.

Our destruction of soil health and habitats are the real cause of the pandemic, not the collection of genes that make up nCoV-2. These were more likely combined by lab(s), but if not were caused by our rampant eco-destruction as well.

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