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Hello everyone, I have recently joined a company I believe in! I truly believe INDUSTRIAL HEMP is the future!

Henry Ford that brilliant industrialist saw this, just way too early in industrial America. He saw and invisioned a car not only made of HEMP but even the fuel was made from HEMP, of course the engine and key components were made of metal. It was a beautiful concept, but too early because excess was fashionable at the time in the world. Factories belched out noxious fumes and at a feverish Pace excess was invented,with no care of the future of our planet!

Well excess is NOT fashionable anymore, today we think of the future for our children and their children's children. We have finally GROWN UP and become responsible not only for the sins of the past, but the sins of the future. We finally figured out that our excess will be an overdue bill our grandchildren will have to pay. I used old Henry as an example if he was here today I am sure he would say I TOLD YOU SO!

I am now investing in the future, I can make money and help the world. For anyone looking for and feeling similar feelings about money and the future of humanity please check out the:


I am basically doing this for free right now because I believe in my heart this will help the world and my children's children.

Join with me in this endeavor, you do not have to buy anything, you do not have to promise to purchase or really do anything unless you want to. I am asking you to get informed, teach the new generation to teach the new generation and so on. We do have a website and I would be honored for all of you and your family and friends to read and stay a while. We have articles and videos and games. You can even make cryptocurrency if you wish to, by playing our games and reading our articles and watching a video or two. You actually get paid to do it!


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