-Comedy open mic 28 entry 1 / Unique way to take a goat (bilingual)

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Yesterday there were shipments of sacrificial animals in the form of goats to the factory, but the way to bring the kambinh with open vehicles was different in the way that the goats were buckled while lying down, a new effective and efficient way because it could carry a lot of goats.

Kemarin ada pengiriman hewan kurban berupa kambing ke pabrik, tapi cara membawa kambinh dengan kendaraan terbuka berbeda caranya yaitu kambing di tekuk sambil tiduran, cara baru yang efektif dan efisien karena bisa membawa kambing yang banyak.


Bringing a goat this way is better because the goat can't run or jump so it's economical because the goat will stay in the place, but the goat is definitely sore because the position is lying down. Maybe this method must have been protested by animal lovers.

Membawa kambing dengan cara ini lebih baik karena kambing tidak bisa lari atau melompat jadi irit tali karena kambing akan diam di tempat hanya saja kambingnya pasti pegal-pegal karena posisinya lagi tiduran. Mungkin saja cara ini pasti di protes oleh penyayang binatang.


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searching for the funny here. is it because the goats are laying down on the job. or are the goats sexual sacrifices? so many possibilities i guess

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