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hello friend steem everyone, this time I will share about timpan, you are the cake wrapped in banana leaves, save for us cake the greatness of aceh community in particular.
but this cake is very popular for aceh people, because it is good to eat or for those of you who like it you can try it. and here I will distribute ingredients to make this cake,
the ingredients

1 pack of pulut flour
1 comb the barangan bananas that are ripe once it's not why
1 coconut for coconut milk
1 coconut for the core
5 eggs for srikaya and 2 eggs for the core
750 grams of sugar
enough salt
young crew banana leaves
jackfruit for core filling is more fragrant
Pandan leaves
edible oil

The first step

  1. First cook the coconut core, add 500g of white sugar, pandanus, jackfruit cut into small cubes ... 2 eggs, put it in the salt core and give a little water to cook it ..

  2. Cooked srikaya. 5 grains of sugar, 1 cup of sugar and water from the pandan coloring to make it beautiful. The salt gives a little vanilla and steaks not too long..good the sweet stuff ...

  3. Then Cook the bananas with coconut milk give pandan ... a little salt and a little sugar to cook until soft ... cool

  4. If the bananas and coconut milk are already cold it can be blended so that it is smooth. Prepare a container of pulut flour dough with bananas that have been cooked with coconut milk.

  5. Take the banana leaf and apply the oil to the oil after that, take the flour mixture and press it down so that it will widen like make lemet fill with coconut or sirikaya ... then wrap it until the flour runs out ...

  6. Prepare a steamed pan for the storage position, do not put it to bed ... but it is tilted until it is solid. Because if it is put to sleep it will be spread wide ... if it is tilted the shape of the tread does not change only the package is slightly stiff if steamed

  7. The coat has been cooked and the packaging is made and wiped with a cloth so that it doesn't runny or wet the steaming marks ... it should be cold and it can be eaten ... it's really soft and fragrant. until the next day if the steaming is really cooked ... please try the mother ...

ok, everyone, this is information from me, I am sorry, I apologize for all the shortcomings, for those of you who like it, you can try it. Thank you all, friend Steem.

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