One coffee, three teas of our choice.

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Warm drinks to warm the atmosphere, hot drinks to revive the atmosphere. What about cold drinks, of course to relax the atmosphere of the body. Drink drinks with various flavors, all types of drinks from various regions in Indonesia and even the world.

Some regions in Indonesia produce coffee with a taste that greatly spoils coffee lovers, such as in the highlands of Gayo Aceh Indonesia. Coffee also has its own taste from the Toraja country. Malay soil is also famous for Robusta coffee, the taste of this coffee is also the target of many coffee lovers.

What about tea, of course Indonesia also produces tea. Tea in Indonesia is planted in the highlands of West Java. The cool and humid air in the highlands makes tea plants thrive there. As with coffee in Brazil, tea is also produced in China. The presentation is generally the same, there are only a few different sides.

One glass of milk coffee with the cool sanger name, along with three cups of tea with various variants and presentation.

This glass of milk coffee is called sanger. The mixture of ulee coffee is mixed with milk. The presentation is hot and cold.

Steeping tea is very familiar to Indonesian families, it seems like there is no day without tea.

This green tea has only been circulating widely in coffee shops in Indonesia in recent years. It is said that this herbal tea is good for health.

The color of the tea above is very tempting, the mixture of milk in green tea adds to the enjoyment of the taste of the herbal tea.

Drinking coffee and tea in a coffee shop is good for establishing friendship. Silaturrami adds to the blessing of age. Let us establish friendship often with coffee shops.

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Brother you like coffee & tea very much, i like coffee but coffee more expensive, terimakasi

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