The Skill Academy institute is indeed number one

in #indonesia2 years ago (edited)


The skill Academy institution is indeed one of the places to improve good skills for the unemployed, because in the Skill Academy there are many useful knowledge. For us unemployed, the knowledge we get at Skill Academy is very helpful to increase income and income to meet the needs of everyday life. Therefore, we really hope for government support, apart from providing training, also providing financial assistance so that we can run businesses and other businesses independently.

With the support of the Government in the future, God willing, many reliable entrepreneurs will be born in supporting the economic growth of the State and even the world. We would like to be very proud to thank the tutors at the Skill and Training Academy in the teacher room. Hopefully in the future the Skill Academy can present various training models that are beneficial to all Indonesian citizens, both upper middle and lower class.

Those who need training on average are the middle to lower class people, while the upper class people are on average equipped with qualified knowledge and abilities from the magnificent education they have undergone. Meanwhile, the middle and lower class people usually rarely get a good education due to limited funding from their parents.

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