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Hello stemian friends how are you guys tonight? Hopefully we all always remain in good health physically and spiritually but yeah. Alhamdulillah tonight I am still given the opportunity and health so I can write the article again.

Thanks to the instructions of God I was given the power to write an article about this motivational word. I'm sure you guys who come into this page are people who want success not.

As we all know, success is the one word that every human being desires. But not a few people who want to succeed but they do not know how. Therefore if you want to succeed, the first thing you must decide is your dream.

We are not discussing that, on the way to success it is not as easy as we see it. But there are various obstacles that we must go through so that we can achieve that success. Therefore, not everyone can achieve the success he dreams of, except for people who always try and pray.

When we get obstacles, obstacles, and problems we usually will be lost spirit or upset. Conditions that make us, become a stronger, as long as we can motivate ourselves

Well, on this occasion, I will share a little about the word motivation. My hope after reading this article the spirit that was weak could become strong again. But this word motivation will not be useful if you just read without any desire to improve.

Agat this article useful do not forget before reading budayakan read bismilah. My message if this article is good please share it to your friends. So they can also enjoy the burning spirit.

In life, there is a human time experiencing the rhythm of tidal. Sometimes feeling happy, grateful, and positive, but there are times when too feel down, upset, and feel lazy. Especially when faced with severe problems.

When the difficult circumstances come, in addition to moral support, especially wise words that can provide motivation in all circumstances. Whether it's sadness because of relationship, life, or sadness because of yourself.

Well, you're in a state where you need motivation. Summarized from, here's a selection of words of wisdom that are expected to give you a shot of spirit.


Wise Words of Life Motivation

  1. Blessed,
    not because everything is good
    but because you are able to see
    good things from everything.

  2. Learning to be calm,
    because I never regret in a hurry

Learning to stop angry,
because I often see regrets because of anger

Learning sincere,
because I know Allah is All-Just

Learn to start again,
because life goes on.

  1. Less intelligent can be improved by learning
    Less skill can be eliminated with experience
    But dishonesty is difficult to fix.

  2. Complaining will only make our lives more depressed
    While grateful will always take us on the road of ease.

  3. God does not promise
    the sky is always blue,
    flowers bloom,
    and the sun always shines.
    But know,
    that He always gives
    rainbow in every storm,
    laughter in every tear,
    a blessing in every trial,
    and answers to each prayer.

  4. Quite a few things will make you happier;
    all in yourself,
    in your way of thinking.

  5. Last day,
    no matter how good or bad
    has passed.
    Today is
    time to see the sky
    bright blue.

  6. Likes to dislike,
    wounds are the ones that mature us.

  7. When you are tired and disappointed,
    then you are studying
    about sincerity.

  8. If you feel your burden is heavier than others,
    it's because God sees you stronger than others.

In life, humans must know love. Whether it's love for couples, friends, family, work, hobbies. That feeling appears to make you feel alive. But not only sweet, sometimes you also have to feel the bitter love life. Because if you are ready to fall in love, then you should also prepare your love to fall like the words of wisdom about the life of love following. Well, of course you have to motivate yourself to rise every time you feel a bitterness in romance.


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