Cultivate writing for the younger generation

in indonesia •  3 months ago

The young generation cannot be separated from challenges. The development of language and culture is so rapid as a face that has no rights if it is not juxtaposed with language skills that are in accordance with indigenous Indonesian culture. Despite having to deal with various obstacles, especially the problem of language attitudes in optimizing the role of language in the world of education. So, it must be recognized the benefits of language both written and verbal in creating creative young people, one of which is by introducing the culture of writing through Indonesian media.


Writing culture is a self-development effort for young people in expressing themselves in the field of language with written media so that the creation of young people who are intelligent and creative for the Indonesian people. One way is to get used to writing, even though sometimes it is only considered one eye by people, but with that habit can bring considerable benefits. some students don't pay much attention to the benefits of getting used to writing. At this time many students use most of the time for negative things like motorcycle gangs, promiscuity and so on. Even though there are still many positive things that can be done to fill leisure time, especially writing. Then, with the writing, it is hoped that students can find out the benefits of writing culture. Writing can also add insight and knowledge to writers and readers in general. To train students to do positive things and avoid negative actions during the holidays, educators can foster awareness of the importance of sharing beautiful vocabulary knowledge that can be developed with others. Here's how to foster a creative attitude in creating writing:

  1. Starting to hold a pen or pencil, if you do not start then the next movement will be difficult to do, even if you do not have the inspiration to write, but one or two words will appear by themselves and can make the mind flow.

  2. Familiarize yourself with reading books, because reading experience is a freeway to imagination

  3. When a sentence is still difficult to find, never give up. Think about what has happened today and write it down.

  4. Remember the vocabulary that is interesting, if you ever find it in one book, open the book again, it will appear to develop it with your own language Some of these methods can be applied to yourself, if you want to know the soul of the language that is in us or want to know what characteristics we have in the style of our language. So, language can interpret the expression of human life that is related to literary work then requires an act of understanding.

In creating the expected young generation it is not easy. However, we can provide a good environment early on for the child, because children quickly feel an atmosphere, they can be encouraged to appreciate their ideas. If from the beginning they have got good language stimulation, then the nature will be embedded until they are adults. So that a young generation can be created that can instill interest in preserving their language and culture well.

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