Bullying Make You How Walk at The Right Way

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Hi gaes. What's up!

I hope this morning is the happiest morning for all of us. Oh yes, I know that we are still in a situation where we have to stay at home. But, I have one question to start our communication today. What did you do today?

Perhaps, readers of this paper will answer with many reasons. One interesting answer is designing video content on YouTube. Yes, at the present time, many of us are starting to join the YouTuber program. However, what is the main reason you become a YouTuber? At this point, I give a reason why I started life as a YouTuber.

Are we going to become YouTubers when we have good reasons? Not necessarily. You might ask me, why is the reason still not being a YouTuber? Simple. An excuse will make you do something. However, what we do will face many challenges and obstacles. For a YouTuber, one of the challenges is that critics say that the content we create is junk content. How can? Don't forget to watch the following video:

Up to this point, I can say, that the people who insult the video that you make are people who care about you. Why? He is insulting, why he can be a caring person. For that, we will discuss this problem very simply. The answer to that question is that he is the person who saw your video. With a little or a lot of time people spend watching your videos. That is a sign, that he is watching a video.

So, we can just ignore the bad and bad commentators. But, they are loyal viewers. So, we can let them comment. Thus, we know how to develop and walk in a better direction. I have explained this in the following video:


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