This ain't a movie review - Part 3 (The Cun-ju-ring)

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Hello Steemians,
I hope you all are doing great and me too. I am feeling great, Why because I just got the network back. (Not the broadband but the mobile network)

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"Don't forget to get the new CFL" Roomie said while tying his shoelaces.

"Yeah, That Shit, scared me to death. My t-shirt is still wet from the water that I spilled over me". I responded.

"Thank God, it was T-shirt and water. with that circumstan,ce I could easily had been the pajamas and pee."

"Dammit, I am late. Can you drop me the Bus-stand? Dude, Please!!! If I am late again the boss would kill me and the Manager is already crying over me not picking up speed with the training" I complained.

"Hop-in" He agreed.

Thanks to him, I made it to the office on time. Now, All I have to do is work for the next 9 hours and learn for another 3 hours. I almost smiled to myself while thinking about what the f&@k am I doing with my life.
The Day has passed just like any other, You step in office and then the sun goes down. You feel a terrible cramp on the neck and a really messed of mood. It was 2000Hrs and I got up from my desk to get another cup of coffee, at this point the water in my body has already turned into coffee. And If I had donated blood the group would has been Identified as "C positive". I was just chilling with my cup of coffee. when instead of saying bye the idiot for a friend, Mr Shyam decided to engage me in the conversation. "Maacha, Have you seen the new movie? "The cun-ju-ring".

Great topic you picked my friend, Thanks. When I am supposed to spend another couple of hour on the floor reading and learning things that are very important. Not to me but to the person who was supposed to stay behind and help me learn stuff. Otherwise his relieving will be delayed. But, That person decided to play an alone kid at home card and got off the work early.

"Yeah and its pronounced as The Conjuring and not cun-ju-ring." Even though the really wanted to avoid the topic I couldn't help but correct him.

"Awesome Movie, Naa!!!" He really was pushing the conversation on me.

"Hmmm, It was OK!!!" That was the critic in me, and he was the one that got me in trouble.

"What Ok!!! Maccha. It was soooo Awesome and terrifying at the same time. Bro!!! I still get chills thinking about the clapping scene" Thanks for refreshing the most terrifying memory you f*$ker. I don't get nervous that easily but this time I am not feeling at ease.

"Chal Shyam!! See you tomorrow. Lot of work is pending." I tried to get rid of him.

"Ok Bye, Take Care, Buddy." He left.

"Hmmm. You too, Bhai!!!" This is the first time that he has said Take care to me. He always says "Bye or see you tomorrow" Why take care today? I took my cup and started walking to my desk which was temporarily shifted to the the managers cabin. The floor looks bigger than before.

I passed the empty desks. One by One. there were 60 empty desks to get through.10 rows, I had to cross. As I walked I could hear my footsteps loud and clear. And I know, I wasn't walking alone. Damn those stupid glasses. My reflection were walking in all the different direction. "Complete your work and get the hell out of here." I encouraged myself. Some encouragement that was I was able to work for 2 straight hours without any break in the concentration. The only issue was the loud keystrokes on the key board. It was loud. "Ok, almost finished. Just a couple of more scenarios and this case is closed. Won't take more than 15mins." Wow, I was amazed by my speed, Usually, it took me almost 3 hrs but today I am closing in early. Good Job. Suddenly the messaged popped up on the screen through the IP messanger "Why are you still here?"

"Haha, Like I would fall for such as scare tactics. Shyam!!! It has your IP on it." I stood up to pointing to the 4th system in the third row. Lit screen already logged on. And no one at the desk. Now I was shit sacred.
I typed "Who is this?" and pressed Enter.

The drakness engulfed the entire floor only my laptop and shyam's desktop screen was the only light source. The emergency light turned on at the four corners and center of the floor.

The notification on the bottom right corner of the screen made a Ping sound.
A response came.

[To be continued]


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I love how you manage to mix movie talk, real life, comedy and horror into something that is 100% Inuke

Thank you Bro!!!. I am just experimenting with the writing style.
Let's see how it goes. The best part being is I am enjoying this. :-)

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Waiting for the next episode.

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