How to measure time

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In the very ancient times, man conceived the base of the various stages of the sun at morning, afternoon, evening and night. These times are grossly direct. Then there will be an imagined moment. Similarly, he has imagined sides, months, seasons and years from the orbits of the sun. First time the cone and sunshine were used to measure the time. Knowledge of night time was done with the constellations. After this, the water and sand filters were made. These were prevalent in ancient times in India. Their descriptions are found in the most ancient books of astrology, such as in Panchasiddhanta and Suryasiddhant. To make water logistics, a small hole was made in a vessel, so that the character was immersed in water in a bell. The moment was laid on its outer part. Hence the moment is also known as water moment. The sand basin was also like a water logger, in which the time was known by the fall of sand. But all these were not subtle and there were practical difficulties too. Locked Watches with the rise of science and after that new watches, which we use today, have been invented.

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