Wedding Mahila Sangeet Decor : Colorchallenge Thursday Green

in india •  last month

Wedding Mahila Sangeet Decor : Colorchallenge Thursday Green

Look this amazing beautiful gallery in green color.

The Mahila Sangeet function stage in Indian wedding.





The very creative props.



Wedding Mahila Sangeet Decor Steeming

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@mehta Attending Indian marriages is always fun and adventerous.. Keep it up for posting such beautiful pics and showing the steemit community Indian marriage pics... Hope to be there... Thanks =) you often post marriage pictures are you marriage planner or decorator or something like that?

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@drakoscliff thanks for such a nice comment. You identified very correctly for wedding planner work.

Wow, I would like to visit an Indian wedding!


@rubinka Your welcome.

it looks so beautiful. i wish i would have one of this stage decoration in my marriage.


Thanks for your kind words.

It looks beautiful all the decoration, greetings from Colombia


Thanks @linita70. I am from India.

nice decoration...where is it in india?


Thanks @madhusmart. It is from resort garden.


Wonderful work sir. How can I contact you.

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Excellent work and Beautiful design @mehta

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@hungryanu Thanks for appreciate work.

I have always found the best concept in Wedding Decoration thru your post. Carry on. You are the best. jai Hind.

Congratulations @mehta!
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