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शानदार चित्रण!

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Hello, @mehta. This is a nice review. This place must be highly respected. It feels good to learn new stuff about India today. That said, I was hoping to see more information on your review. Like what really do people go their to do, why the building and perhaps some lengendary story behind that place that made it so popular among the other places. If you do not mind, I think going with the following review format would make your future review look better, informative and unique.

  1. Start your review with an introduction clearly stating the item you want to review to catch your reader's attention.
  2. The next thing to note is what you want to examine in the item. Clearly state them and discuss. I'd suggest that you use quotes or simple examples to help prove your points to your readers.
  3. End your review with a conclusion note which briefly states the key point on your review. This section should also include your verdict or judgment about the topic or item and finally, your recommendation all based on what you think.

I look forward to your next review.


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अरे वाह बहुत है सुंदर मेहता जी।

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Thanks for sharing about this place. Readers want to learn more from your post about that place.

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