WazirX Goes Global

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WazirX has gone global with their services and will be available in international markets. They have opened their doors to render services across many new countries.

WazirX has been a consistently good trading platform for digital assets in India. Their p2p auto matching works great and has been a ray of hope when many exchange dealing in direct BTC/INR pairs with withdrawals shut down. They took up the task to keep the services going on and many other exchanges followed their steps.


WazirX hasn't specifically mentioned the countries they will accept users from but it should work in most countries. To register an account to trade cryptocurrencies, you don't really need to complete any KYC. You can simply verify your email and mobile and you can start trading. Their trading fee is low and starts from 0.1%

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 5.24.33 PM.png

You don’t need to complete KYC process to be able to trade on WazirX. All you need to do is verify your email and mobile number (for your own security), and boom, you’re done!

WazirX P2P has been largely successful in India with the first 6 months of P2P trading raking in a turnover of 100 crores or about $14.5 million. They also claim that there have been 0% of fraud cases. They will be rolling out these features to international users as per their release so that everyone can trade crypto fiat pairs via P2P.

Overall a proud moment for cryptocurrency exchange based out of India. I hope they do well and set a positive example for industry to follow.

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I will vote you as witness gladly man.


Thank you very much! :D You are awesome!

Can the WazirX be changed to Naira?

I'm not sure at the moment as they haven't announced the list of countries they plan on opening p2p to. Maybe https://instashift.io has it?


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Thanks for sharing. Useful information 👍

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india is taking initiative towards the crypto..... 👍 feeling happy..😃

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