India: Supreme Court Matter Adjourned Once Again!

in india •  4 months ago

The apex court of India adjourned the matter to the 13th of September. There are other items on the list which resulted in the delay during proceedings today causing the matter to be pushed forward once again!

It's a bit disappointing as the delays continue to occur. It also highlights the rather slow process of the judiciary leading many to believe that the even the apex court is slow as any other court in our country.


Nevertheless, we have to wait until tomorrow to get further information and I will update regarding the same. However, I'm not completely certain but chances are we may not get a verdict tomorrow.

In any case I wouldn't mind a delay as long as the court takes the time it needs to weigh this case properly. Cryptocurrencies deserves a real chance in our economy and a ruling in favour of exchanges will enable all this and more in the long run.

It's my sincere hope that our judiciary will make the correct decision on this matter!

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Thanks for the update,

Thanks for updates,yes it has again given a tarikh to us.But hope for the best for tomorrow.

Ahh man , nothing in the judiciary system can be predicted ,it seems this one is gonna be a tareek pein tareek case. Nevertheless I have full faith in the apex court. Let's hope that things will turn out in our favour

bhai koi new baat nhi hai....
India me toh tarikh pe tarikh hongi,....
kuch nhi ho sakta yaha.......


Bilkul sahi

I am really desperate to know what might be the decision,thanks for the update.
Fingers crossed!
Hope the decision will be in our favour.
Jai hind

Har baar ki tarah TareeeeeeeK

hahahaaha lol ..

I hope they do too, this decision could be huge, just imagine if the decision is right and hundreds of millions of Indians run out and buy bitcoin or STEEM the next day!

What will happens if a crypto ban from India.?Plese tell me.sir