Download Incrypt's Proposed Blockchain Regulatory Framework For Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies In India!

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Incrypt has released a proposal for blockchain regulatory framework for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in India. At the outset it looks very promising but more importantly very well researched. I hope the government will consider implementing this into their own draft if not use this in its entirety.

This report basically tries to create a dialogue between regulators and cryptocurrency + blockchain community in our country. Kudos to the team at Incrypt for the effort they've put into this.

It has taken them 3 months to put this together and a lot of work has gone into it. I hope you guys will take some time to read it. I will be back with more information later!

Incrypt are a curated network of blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts standing for a deeper understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. By focusing on fundamentals, and cutting through the noise and hype.

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You can download the proposed Indian blockchain regulatory framework policy paper here!

Don't forget to watch this video as well.

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After seeing the video, I realised that India has a huge potential and if everything goes well with the regulations, we should take this opportunity to work on a startup based on blockchain. Let’s make a team and work on an innovative idea.

I think you are the most knowledgeable person in the field of cryptos from India on steemit and you should definitely think about it.


Thanks dude for the kind words. I'm already involved in a few things so my plate is currently full to take on something entirely new. However there's a lot of new applications and solutions that can be developed using blockchain. I hope India can become one of the hubs for decentralised blockchains in the SE Asia someday.


I also hope the same for India.
Thanks for replying.
Good luck!


I also hope the
Same for India. Thanks for
Replying. Good luck!

                 - vinayakgupta

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😀it looks quite promising. ,🤞

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India and crypto. Wow!

We are waiting in anticipation of the right result. A big legislation call in India could set a precedent for a lot of other countries so we need the right result. If they can follow an outline like this one it would be a big win for the whole crypto community.

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Weird. Could be a bug with the site. Try from from another app like esteem or partiko or steempeak or something else.



You are right sir ,thanks for share this post ,

Really Indian blokchan app good news