Travel Photo diary # 56 The Colours!

in india •  18 days ago


I never really understood when India was described as "Colourful" by most of the travelers, until I started to look around closely. The truth is India is colourful in every way possible. In terms of culture, spirituality, food, clothing, lifestyle, religion and the list goes on and on. Being a part of this multi-diverse culture, all of these becomes normal and just a part of life. But once you stop and look close, a whole new world unwinds within this country and it is so colourful! Chaotic but beautiful.

The realization of these colourfulness actually happened after my first international trip. Yes, we do use many colours, bright, different and noticeable colours. Our festivals, rituals and many life events are colour coded in some way or other.

It is in one such moments where I was trying to figure out this "Colorful" aspect of India I took this picture. Something which I would have easily ignored otherwise. Yes we are colourful, People! 😁

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