Indian Women Are More Bullish On Bitcoin Says Indian Crypto Exchange

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When it comes to crypto investing or trading in cryptocurrencies, it usually got seen that men are more involved in investing, at least actively. Women also invest/trade cryptocurrencies but usually their numbers remain low as compared to men. 

But an Indian cryptocurrency exchange revealed that Women are more Bullish on cryptocurrencies as compared to men in India. Here 'Bullish' means Big Spenders. 

Indian women invested around 1.4 Lakh INR ($2000), more than double as compared to their male counterparts. But when it comes to the number of investors, then for sure men lead the charge. 

As per the source, the BuyUcoin exchange's CEO Shivam Thakral delivered the following statement recently:

Usually, woman investors who are buying or trading are over 40 years of age. Therefore, typically these mature investors are able to put in more money. […] On the other hand, more men start investing at an early age with the average age for this investor group being 30.

Currently, Indian crypto traders have been going through a rough phase as RBI issued a circular back in April 2018, instructing all the commercial banks to stop providing services to any crypto related businesses including Cryptocurrency exchanges and that's why people are panicking as they won't be able to convert their crypto into fiat through banking system. 

But seeing the interest getting increased by Indian Women in cryptocurrencies, we might expect a Bullish future of cryptocurrencies in India eventually.

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Now, thas some really so very interesting piece of info.
So, Indian women are taking the charge of cryptos. FM better watch out!!! & not mess with them. Lol !!! :)

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